Your employees are asking: What should I do?

It's a confusing healthcare environment right now--not just for hospital strategic planners trying to plot the way forward for their organizations. Despite working in healthcare, hopsital employees are as confused as the general populace by the rapid changes in healthcare and healthcare coverage. Spousal surcharges, tobacco cessation, wellness initiatives, ACO plans, active enrollments, contribution rate changes....the list of changes seems never-ending. In addition, healthcare employees often have a sense of entitlement. (They feel they should get a heavy discount or even free service since they work for a hospital or healthcare organization!)

Out of this chaotic environment, we help our clients provide clarity, stability and certainty.  Our goal is to ensure employees understand and embrace change. We direct employees to the plans that work best for them and their families and that make the most long-term sense for their hospitals.

We have a proven track record of helping hospital employers communicate change and increase awareness and understanding of benefits policies, practices, programs and plans. Clients turn to us because of our demonstrated excellence in developing a wide range of innovative and effective human resources and benefits communication solutions. We develop not only traditional print, online and multimedia communications, but also provide access to cutting-edge communications tools, including interactive, online support for your benefits communications.

How can we help you?

  • Open enrollment communications
  • CDHP plan introduction/enrollment
  • Time away from work messaging
  • 401(k) enrollment
  • Defined benefit plan changes
  • Executive retirement
  • Retiree communications
  • Benefits portal development
  • Benefits program branding
  • Benefits publications

Recent experience: Developed effective open enrollment communications for numerous hospitals and healthcare systems; managed communications for hospital eliminating a defined benefit pension plan; supported the introduction of tobacco usage and spousal surcharge policies; rewrote and introduced all benefits policies; managed communications for a change in time away from work practices.

Communications Help Employees Embrace Benefits Change

Situation: The Benefits Department at a community hospital was faced with delivering two challenging messages to deliver to employees during the annual open enrollment period. First, employees would be asked for the first time to complete their benefits enrollment using a new online system, which replaced the hospital’s paper-based enrollment process. Just as critical, employee contribution rates would be increasing substantially.


Solution: Tipton Health Communications worked with the Benefits department to develop a comprehensive open enrollment communications strategy. Medical plans were re-branded to make it easier for employees to understand key plan attributes. Information was rewritten and reorganized to make it more accessible. Notices were sent at work and to the home. HR led an extensive education program including "lunch and learns" and tabling outside employee cafes. Key members of the leadership team were also recruited to support and explain the reasons for the changes.

Result: The number of employees who reviewed their benefits information and re-enrolled online leaped to 80%, the highest percentage that anyone in the Benefits Department could recall. Employees accepted the benefits contribution change without issue.