We are highly experienced, innovative and successful professional healthcare communicators.

Tipton Health represents the evolution of Tipton Communications’ rapidly growing business supporting the internal and external communications needs of hospitals and healthcare systems. It enables us to focus our resources, skills and experience on the unique communications issues facing the healthcare industry during a time of intense change.

Since our start in 2005, we have developed into a premier provider of employee communications, change communications, public relations and human resources communications for hospitals. We are also becoming the consultants of choice for ANCC Magnet® documentation editing and writing, as well as document submission through our proprietary, time-tested system. Our experienced communications professionals now support more than 50 hospitals and healthcare systems.

Our philosophy: solve issues before they become problems.

It's a challenging (and exciting!) time for the healthcare industry. Hospitals must demonstrate value while strictly managing expenses. This often means change.

We help hospitals explain these necessary changes and build support with internal and external audiences. We prevent issues from becoming problems by delivering intelligent strategies, clear messaging and continuous communications. We do so with flawless execution.

While we provide project-specific support to meet one-time needs, these relationships often bloom into the longer-term support agreements that we prefer. We want to get to know you and have you get to know us. When you do, you will see that Tipton Health is a partner whose professionals always work hard, anticipate your needs and are always available for you, your employees and your community.

We can go beyond long-term agreements as well. We have the flexibility to offer an affordable, outsourced communications/public relations solution for healthcare organizations exploring the efficiencies those opportunities present.

Specialties: Change management, HR-related issues management, mergers and acquisitions, open enrollment and benefits communications, Magnet documentation, crisis communications, executive communications, outsourcing and downsizing, surveys, focus groups, communications audits, marketing communications, public relations.

Who's Number One

Situation: Competition among hospitals and healthcare system in suburban city market was becoming more fierce every day. The hospitals weren’t just competing for patients, they were vying for the best employees. When a competing hospital opened a new facility and began heavily recruiting, one health system turned to Tipton Communications to help retain its valued employees.


Solution: Tipton worked with the Communications and Human Resources departments to develop an internal marketing tool that highlighted the health system’s attributes, while dispelling some of the competitor’s marketing statements. Nurses were the primary target of the recruiting effort, so Tipton researched the attributes that were most important to this population. Tipton then worked with the health system to research and develop comparison charts to demonstrate the long-term benefits of staying with the organization. Customized information was developed and delivered to various employee groups. Managers were also provided with tools to effectively discuss the values of working at the health system and encouraged to openly discuss these points at team meetings.

Result: The new toolkits were so popular that every hospital in the system asked for customized guides for their managers.