training magasizeSituation:Christiana Care Health System sought much deserved recognition for its extensive and diverse training and education program and found an opportunity in a “top 125” list from Training magazine, the application deadline for which was quickly approaching. Christiana Care turned to Tipton Communications for some fast and convincing assistance.

Summary: The application for the Training Top 125 consisted of 20 pages of organization information and multiple limited-word-count essays that required applicants to boil down pages and pages of program descriptions, course summaries and other training materials. The goal for the educators and trainers at Christiana care was concise, single-voice effective summaries highlighting why their program should be considered among the best in the nation. Just over a week before their deadline, they asked Tipton’s writers and editors to turn materials from nearly a dozen Christiana Care staffers into a winning submission.

Results:Working at an accelerated yet quality-focused pace, the Tipton team quickly digested countless pages, learned Christiana Care’s impressive story and captured it in an application that earned the health care system its desired ranking among the nation’s 125 best for the training, education and development of its staff.