whos number oneSituation: Competition among hospitals and healthcare system in suburban city market was becoming more fierce every day. The hospitals weren’t just competing for patients, they were vying for the best employees. When a competing hospital opened a new facility and began heavily recruiting, one health system turned to Tipton Communications to help retain its valued employees.

Solution: Tipton worked with the Communications and Human Resources departments to develop an internal marketing tool that highlighted the health system’s attributes, while dispelling some of the competitor’s marketing statements. Nurses were the primary target of the recruiting effort, so Tipton researched the attributes that were most important to this population. Tipton then worked with the health system to research and develop comparison charts to demonstrate the long-term benefits of staying with the organization. Customized information was developed and delivered to various employee groups. Managers were also provided with tools to effectively discuss the values of working at the health system and encouraged to openly discuss these points at team meetings.

Result: The new toolkits were so popular that every hospital in the system asked for customized guides for their managers.