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Get a comprehensive assessment of your communication efforts. Our results-driven experts will help you get prepared before the next crisis hits.

If the COVID-19 crisis taught healthcare communication professionals anything, it’s that even the best laid plans need to be continuously reviewed and revised. When the height of the pandemic arrived, hospitals and health systems had to adapt quickly to create ongoing two-way communications focused on keeping employees and the public in the know.

Now that the initial coronavirus scramble has subsided, it is the perfect time to give your communications plan and strategies a comprehensive audit. Trust the results-driven experts at Tipton Health Communications for an expert, outside perspective on the effectiveness of your internal and external communications strategies.

How We Can Help

Our thorough communications audits are rooted in best practices focused on understanding what works well, what needs to be improved, and the steps needed to develop a robust strategy. From our audit, we work hand-in-hand to develop a communications strategy that best suits your organizational goals and needs. Our step-by-step approach is focused on best understanding your organization so we can deliver a strategy that’s tailored to your individualized needs.

Our Communications Audit Process

We work hand-in-hand to develop a communications strategy that best suits your organizational goals and needs.

Communications Audit Process

Trust Us to Conduct a Comprehensive Communications Audit That:

✔ Establishes goals and objectives

✔ Identifies key stakeholders and tactics to reach them

✔ Capitalizes on missed opportunities

✔ Develops media plans and crisis strategy

✔ Creates a unified voice that reflects your organizational mission, vision and values

 Get a thorough analysis of your communications, what worked, what didn’t, what should be continued and what should be shelved. Make sure your experience and your wins become part of your culture.

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If you need an outside perspective on how to improve and enhance your communications plan, turn to the experts at Tipton Health Communications. Contact us today!