We are the nation’s premier nursing excellence, Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® consultancy. We have developed Transformational Nursing Excellence to re-ignite nurse leader passion, build better nursing work environments, and drive radical improvements in the evidence-based, nursing excellence structures critical to superior patient care and outcomes.

Tipton’s Comprehensive Solutions

Transformational Nursing Excellence™

We have the nation’s largest team dedicated to Transformational Nursing Excellencewith nearly 50 highly experienced nursing consultants and staff dedicated to improving patient outcomes, increasing nurse retention, preparing transformational nurse leaders, improving the nursing work environment, and strategically advancing nursing practice. 

Strategic Nurse Leader Communications & Marketing

Our professional marketing communications team will align your messages with your strategic plan, professional practice model, and your vision for nursing excellence. We help you efficiently drive change for all nurses at all levels in all settings as you progress on your Journey to Nursing Excellence™.

Customized Magnet® Recognition Support

 Tipton’s Magnet®, Pathway to Excellence®, Beacon, Lantern, and PTAP® certification experts have helped more than 200 nursing teams at leading hospitals and health systems. Our clients have a nearly 100% success rate with 70% of recent Magnet clients going directly to site visit.  


Marketing Communications

Employee & Benefits Communications

Build employee trust and engagement with meaningful, well-managed change communications campaigns. Ensure your team members understand the value of their total rewards and can make informed benefits decisions.

Who We Are

Think of us as partners, teammates, expert consultants and strategists who listen carefully, offer actionable ideas and deliver value. We extend the capacity and capabilities of you and your team. We are committed to your success and will always be at your service.

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