What You Should Know About Tipton

  • Our clients have a 100% success rate
  • Our clients love working with us. Just ask them
  • We personalize our comprehensive Magnet® consulting services to your needs to ensure your investment delivers great value. (We don't force you into an expensive, take-it-or-leave it, one size fits all program. You select the services you need, when you need them.
  • For us, it's personal. We put our hearts into everything we do.

Our world-class services


    • Gap Analysis and Nursing Excellence Consulting to Close GapsIt starts here. We identify your strengths and areas of opportunity to ensure you have the data and results you need for your documents. We then work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure your foundational structures are not only "Magnet-worthy", but are delivering value to your organization.

    • On-site, roll-up-your-sleeves workshops for nurse leaders, MPDs and your writing teams. This isn't just an overview; this is hands-on, "how to get it done" stuff. You end up with a plan, a schedule, definitive "how to's" and the comfort of knowing you have a firm path forward.

    • Content writing, evaluation and reviewOur diverse team of more than 15 experienced consultants carefully scrutinize each word, each data point to ensure you present the strongest possible narrative and evidence. We provide direct, actionable evaluations that make it easy for your writers to finish out their documents. And don't let your team struggle with your empirical outcomes. Our process control experts will sort it out for you.

    • Editing and proofreading. We are communications experts. We ensure your document is professional, clear and on-point, and it accurately represents the story of your Magnet journey.

    • Electronic submittal solutions (web-based Magnet document plus free portable USB drive). We offer a time-tested, easy-to-use, and elegant online solution for your Magnet submission. We do all the work. You focus on your document; we take care of the rest.

    • Mock Site Visits and Site Visit Communications. When you move to site visit, we are there to help you prepare your nurses and hospital staff.


Why do MPDs and CNOs find our services so helpful?

We take the risk out of applying for Magnet. We create a high bar for our Magnet clients, which translates into successful designation. We do so while reducing the stress on you and your team. Our results speak for themselves.

How do we do it?

We provide best-in-class services that will support you from gap analysis to site visit. You only select the services you need. But we can also scale up immediately to resolve whatever challenge you face.

Tipton Health is a certified ANCC Magnet consultant. We have taken the Magnet journey many times. We are highly experienced ANCC Magnet documentation experts and the chosen partner of more than 100 hospitals and health systems. Tipton’s professional communicators will strengthen your Magnet documents through our project management and writers workshops, content evaluation and review (including Empirical Outcome data and graph review) and final editing and proofreading. We also offer the easiest to use, stress-free and now mobile-friendly electronic submission solution. If you are searching for a Magnet Nursing Consultant who will truly add value to your team, contact Tipton and ask for a list of our references.

Learn more about how we help our clients to create strong documents that make the appraisers' review a lot easier to do.

We try to be good stewards of your investment and have designed our services and fee structure to meet any budget. No expensive packages--you select only the services that you need, when you need them. Contact us today for a free consultation and a list of references.


barbara mlh2

 The value we received was around organization, structure and process [of our Magnet documentation effort]. It was highly effective for us. 

Barbara Wadsworth,
Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Main Line Health System

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