Not everyone love data as much as we do—and if data isn’t your “thing,” the Fab 5 can be your worst nightmare.

The Fab 5 (EP2EO (RN SAT); EP18EO (inpatient nurse-sensitive indicators); EP19EO (outpatient nurse-sensitive indicators), EP20EO (inpatient patient satisfaction), EP21EO (outpatient patient satisfaction)) requirements are the same for everyone: you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Tipton has created templates that we can quickly customize to your hospital.

Our Fab 5 templates:

  • Save your team tens to hundreds of hours (depending on your size), which reduces both stress and cost
  • Ensure your data conforms to all of Magnet’s requirements
  • Present your data in a format that is easy for appraisers to interpret and score
  • Enable you to evaluate and share your hospital’s performance on an on-going basis

We have built more than 100 Big 3 (changing to Fab 5 in 2019) templates for customers ranging from small community hospitals to the nation’s largest health systems.

Want to take a test drive?

Contact us! We’d be happy to share Big 3 templates and demonstrate how they work.