Has your organization been on the Magnet journey for a while, and now you’re trying to assess if you are ready to submit your application? Are you wondering if the structures and processes you’ve put in place are robust enough to qualify you as a Magnet organization?

Tipton can help.magnet2

One of our subject matter experts (doctorate- and master’s-level nurses with extensive Magnet experience) will travel to your hospital and work with your team for a two-day overview of your organization. The Tipton consultant will:

  • Share empirical evidence supporting the value of Magnet to your organization and your patients
  • Educate your team on the key structural elements required to be a Magnet hospital
  • Assess the strength of those structures in your organization, including shared governance, enculturation of your professional practice model, the efficacy of self-assessment and peer-review in your performance appraisal process, the presence and strength of nursing research, the ability of your nurses to identify and integrate evidence-based practice into their own practice, the existence of a process improvement culture and evidence of interprofessional collaboration
  • Analyze your hospital’s performance on key metrics—RN satisfaction, patient satisfaction and quality indicators—to determine if you meet (or are close to meeting) Magnet requirements
  • Coach your team about the critical role of “evidence” (both data and documentation) in the documentation phase of your Magnet journey

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