You’ve done it! Your team successfully submitted documentation that scored “within the range of excellence” and qualifies you for the next step in your Magnet journey: site visit.

Nervous? Don’t be!magnet2

Tipton can help.

Tipton’s mock site visit team is ready to come on-site and evaluate your organization’s readiness. Our team members are experts in the site visit process (in fact, they’ve led actual site visits!) and are skilled at helping your nurses prepare.

Tipton consultants:

  • Prepare your team for what to expect and enable them to “practice” in a safe, yet realistic, setting (Tipton’s mock site visit is modeled after actual site visits)
  • Educate your nurses (and hospital leaders) on what appraisers are looking for and on strategies for approaching site visit interviews
  • Communicate critical information that your nurses need to know
  • Mentor your nurses on how to communicate requested information clearly: the do’s and don’ts
  • Energize your organization in anticipation of your upcoming site visit
  • Support your MPD to strengthen his/her role in preparing for site visit

Want to learn more?

Contact us! We’d be happy to discuss the mock site visit process in more detail with you