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Gap Analysis

One of our subject matter experts (doctorate- and master’s degree-prepared nurses with extensive experience in Magnet and Pathway) will travel to your hospital and work with your team for a two-day analysis of your organization.

We will:

  • Share empirical evidence supporting the value of Pathway designation to your organization and your patients.
  • Analyze your hospital’s practice standards, operating policies, procedures, and management structure in order to determine if you meet (or are close to meeting) Pathway requirements.
  • Coach your team about the critical role of both data and documentation.

Document Review

Our writing team takes a unique approach to reviewing your documents:

  • We have a deep understanding of the requirements, along with the latest updates.
  • We work “in” your document and give specific counsel on ways to strengthen the narrative.
  • We prompt your team for missing information and tell your writer exactly what is needed and where it belongs in the narrative.

Electronic Submission

  • We can help prepare your document according the Pathway requirements.  
  • There is no need to try to learn new software to prepare your document.  
  • We will prepare the document complete with bookmarks, table of contents and page numbering.

Nurse Survey Preparation

  • Communication campaigns that help to explain the importance of the survey, and what to expect and help boost participation
  • Showcase the value of your nursing team and how that is integrated throughout the organization. 

>> Download the Tipton Health Pathway to Excellence Consulting Services Overview.

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