Peer feedback can help drive professional development and continuous improvement. But you need the right tools.

You can ensure your peer feedback program contributes to your culture of nursing excellence with Tipton Health’s customizable Peer Feedback solutions.

Tipton Health studied the best practices in peer feedback from more than 100 of the nation’s top nursing teams to develop
its peer feedback tools.


Use the tools for peer feedback and self-appraisal. They can be administered in digital or paper format.


Tipton’s tools use the most current nursing professional practice standards appropriate for the role. In addition, our experts align your organization’s Professional Practice Model with current standards – helping to connect for your nurses the relationship between your PPM and their nursing practice.

Customizable, all-encompassing design

Each tool is dynamic. With the opportunity to easily customize every area of the tool, you can focus feedback on different aspects of practice from one year to the next to support new nursing strategic objectives. Your professional governance council, responsible for peer feedback, can easily update it, changing the assessment topics within each professional practice model component to reflect your organization’s changing priorities.

Simple to complete

Each tool is designed to make it easy for reviewers to provide thoughtful, targeted feedback. Tipton’s tools focus the reviewer on specific elements of practice that your organization has chosen to emphasize. The focus on specific practice standards, customized by professional governance councils and nursing leadership, helps keep the reviewer’s feedback practice-focused, meaningful and actionable.

Recognizes developmental stage

Tipton’s peer feedback tools utilize Brenner’s Novice-to-Expert scale to accommodate a range of experience levels and encourage professional development and growth.

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