What Would You Do with an Extra Hour Each Day?

Optimize Your Nursing Organization and Infrastructure

Today’s health system staff are stretched more than ever before, asked to do more with less while maintaining high levels of patient care. But there are only so many hours in a day, or week, or month.

That’s where Tipton Health can help. We are the nation’s premier nursing excellence consultancy, serving more than 250 nursing leadership teams across the United States. We can show you how to alter and streamline your processes to deliver the ultimate benefit to CNOs and nurse leaders: less time in meetings and more time on patient care.

Our proprietary Nurse Leader Organization and Infrastructure Evaluations will thoroughly examine your current processes and provide recommendations for changes that will help you optimize your nurse leadership structures, improve your nurse leaders’ work environment, rebuild work-life balance, and increase joy and meaning for your nurse leaders.


We offer evidence-based solutions FOR nurse leaders, FROM nurse leaders.

Nursing Structure Optimization Nurse Leader Work Environment
Nurse Staffing Models Patient Care, Quality, and Safety Outcomes
Nursing Satisfaction and Retention Strategies Magnet®, Pathway®, PTAP®, Lantern®, Beacon®
Nursing Excellence and Enculturation

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