Want to Engage Your Nursing Team?
Focus on Your Nurse Leaders

Return Joy and Meaning to
Your Nurse Leaders.

As the nurse leader goes, so goes the nursing team.

But what happens when the very people charged with creating an engaging and supporting environment for Clinical Nurses are themselves struggling to make it through each day?

Nurse satisfaction slips. Patient satisfaction and outcomes start to slip. Nurse retention drops, while costs rise. External pressures increase.

We can help turn this situation around and return joy and meaning to your nurse leaders.

Using evidence-based processes and the best practices from more than 200 Magnet hospitals, we have developed a Nurse Leader Care Plan, which is customized to meet your team’s unique needs and can be implemented.

While we customize the plan to your unique requirements, following are some of the available key elements:

Tipton Health Nurse Leader Care Plan

  • Initial planning and environmental review
  • Nurse Leader Work Environment Assessment using the proprietary Tipton Health Nursing Excellence Assessment Tool© and process
  • Nurse Leader Infrastructure and Organization Evaluation and Optimization to give nurse leaders back time to do the things they love.
  • Two-Day On-Site Launch Event/Retreat with Nurse Leaders
  • Root cause evaluation, including onsite focus groups, interviews, and meetings
  • Customized “Transition to Transformational Leader” Education Series
  • Nurse Leader Coaching and Mentoring
  • Nursing Strategic Plan development
  • Executive Nursing Consulting and Communications support
  • RN Satisfaction project planning
  • Nurse Leader recognition program development
  • Action planning and execution support

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The Real Cost of
Nurse Leader Burnout …

38% of
Nurse Leaders

Intend to leave their position within 6 months.*


Is the estimated annual cost of burnout in nursing.**

Nurse Leaders Need More Time to Do the Things They Love***

  • Mentoring and leading staff nurses
  • Being with patients
  • Having time to be creative and cultivate ideas

* AONL COVID—19 Longitudinal Study

** Muir, K. Jane; Wanchek, Tanya N.; Lobo, Jennifer M.; Keim-Malpass, Jessica, Evaluating the Costs of Nurse Burnout-Attributed Turnover: A Markov Modeling Approach, Journal of Patient Safety, 2021

***Joy and Meaning in Nurse Manger Practice

JONA Vol. 51, No. 1 January 2021 Retrieved 4/1/21