Pathway Consulting

Tipton can help you create an environment that will help your nurses provide the very best care and achieve Pathway to Excellence® designation.

Gap Analysis

One of our subject matter experts will come onsite for a two-day analysis of your organization.

  • We’ll analyze your hospital’s practice standards, operating policies, procedures, and management structure in order to determine your readiness to meet Pathway requirements.
  • We’ll coach your team on the critical role of both data and documentation.

Document Review

Our writing team will ensure you submit the strongest possible document.

  • We have a deep understanding of the requirements, as well as the latest updates.
  • We prompt your team for missing information and tell your writer exactly what is needed and where it belongs in the narrative to showcase your accomplishments.

Electronic Submissions

We can help prepare your document according to the Pathway requirements.

Nurse Survey Preparation

  • Our communications campaigns help explain the importance of the survey and what to expect, and help boost participation.
  • We can help challenges before they become issues.

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Need Help Developing Your Foundational Structures for Nursing Excellence?

Nursing Excellence Consulting Services

How Our Consulting Process Ensures Your Success

1. Gap Analysis

Systematic assessment to determine areas that need improvement; build team enthusiasm; start review of examples


2. Structural Assistance

  • Mentoring
  • Engagement
  • Consulting Support

3. Document Support

  • Example Review
  • Writing Workshop
  • Document Review
  • Submission Prep

4. Survey Preparation

  • Survey Support
  • Staff Communication

5. Ongoing Relationship