Pathway to Excellence Consulting Services

Tipton can help you create an environment that will help your nurses provide
the very best care and achieve Pathway to Excellence® designation.

Even in this challenging environment, you can still drive nursing excellence, develop a work environment where nurses flourish and recognize your nurses by achieving Pathway to Excellence® designation. But you need an experienced guide to help you apply your resources efficiently and avoid any missteps. You need Tipton Health. We work with you to create a work plan customized to your needs.

Overview of Tipton’s Pathway Services


Just starting on your journey? NEAT provides an evidence-based assessment of the foundational structures of Pathway. You know exactly where you stand and what you have to do to create a world-class nursing work environment.

Gap Analysis

Already have structures in place and just want to know if you are ready to apply or redesignate for Pathway? We will analyze your practice standards, policies, procedures and more during a two-day review by a Tipton Pathway expert.

Document Review

Our writing team will ensure you submit the strongest possible document.

We have a deep understanding of the requirements, as well as the latest updates. We prompt your team for missing information and tell your writer exactly what is needed and where it belongs in the narrative to showcase your accomplishments.

Pathway Education

  • Writer’s Workshop – Educate your writing team on how to best meet the Pathway document requirements.
  • Pathway Coordinator Mentoring — We will match your coordinator with a highly experienced Tipton consultant to help them develop the skills to drive nursing excellence and guide your organization to successful designation.
  • Pathway Project Management Boot Camp — Create a project plan to successfully manage every aspect of the designation process.

Pathway Survey Preparation

Our Practice Survey will help your nursing team prepare for the actual Pathway survey, while giving you valuable insights into your nurses’ Pathway education needs.

Customized communication campaigns help explain the importance of the Pathway survey and help boost participation.

Pathway Coordinator Mentorship Program

Tipton’s mentor will work with your program coordinator on Pathway foundational structures:

  • Helping your Pathway program coordinator understand their relationship to that structure and develop the skills to facilitate enculturation within the organization.
  • Helping your organization implement and sustain the foundational structure.

Writer’s Workshop

Prepare your writing team for success. Enhance your skills to showcase your team’s talents, skills and contributions to your organization.


Strengthen Your Hospital’s Nursing Professional Practice Environment

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you focus on nursing excellence and create a customized plan to achieve Pathway to Excellence designation.