Tipton’s Magnet Consulting

We are the Magnet® consultant of choice for more than 190 nursing teams (30% of all hospital nursing teams applying for Magnet designation).

Why is our support in such high demand? Our approach works.

  • Nearly 100% client success
  • 70% of clients go directly to site visit
  • Comprehensive services, customized solutions
  • Budget-friendly options
  • Nearly one out of every three Magnet hospitals chooses Tipton’s Magnet Consultants.

The Tipton Magnet Difference

We will be your partner throughout your journey toward nursing excellence and successful Magnet designation.

  • Comprehensive nursing excellence and Magnet consulting services led by experts and customized to meet your unique needs.
  • Extensive education and hands-on support for your MPD, nurse managers, Magnet champions and your nursing team.
  • Deep experience in nurse engagement and Magnet enculturation.
  • “Ala carte” services give you total control and the flexibility to meet changing needs.

Most of all, we care deeply about you and your success. People like working with us. We form lasting, valuable relationships with our clients.

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Need Help Developing Your Foundational Structures for Nursing Excellence?

Nursing Excellence Consulting Services

How Our Consulting Process Ensures Your Success

1. Building A Strong Foundation

  • Gap Analysis/Data Analysis
  • Closing the Gaps
  • On-Site Workshops
  • MPD Mentoring
  • MPD Bootcamp

2. Strengthening Your Documents

  • Writing Team Workshops
  • MPD Mentoring
  • Document Review
  • Data Analysis
  • ADAMTM Support

3. Preparing for Site Visit

  • Mock Site Visit
  • Nurse Education
  • Hospital Education
  • Fairs and Fun

4. Celebrating Your Success

  • Recognizing Your Nurses
  • Marketing Magnet

5. Ongoing Support

  • Data Support
  • MPD Mentoring
  • Maintaining Momentum