Sophie Whitlock, Hospice and Palliative Care nurse at Bristol Home Care and Hospice, a part of Bristol Health

Sophie experienced firsthand the impact of COVID on our staff and patients. As an active member of the Bristol Health palliative care team, Sophie spent many long hours gowned and masked, meeting with patients and communicating with the families struggling with this pandemic. It took a toll on Sophie and the team as the numbers increased and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sophie is a poet and so she shared this poem with our Bristol Health team and brought many to tears.

Gowned and gloved, face shield in place

Only our eyes to represent our face

Dressed for an enemy we cannot see

We are nurses and we still will be

Your advocate and caregiver through the darkest of days

As the storm unfolds, we will help guide the way

We won’t turn away when you cry

We will be there with you to wipe your eyes

Even though the days are long

Don’t be afraid, we are Nurse Strong

—Sophie Whitlock, BSN, RN, CHPN (2020)


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