We are advising on internal and external communications strategies for our corporate and healthcare clients and implementing tactics designed to build trust, increase employee confidence, help guide employees through difficult organizational issues, and engage employees in the organizations’ mission, vision and values.



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How We Can Help

  • Developing and implementing strategic HR and Benefits communications plans
  • Managing complex communications challenges, including furloughs, returning to work, layoffs, and policy and process changes
  • Building support for and successfully implementing organizational change
  • Improving executive, leadership and manager communications skills through coaching, development and support
  • Auditing and improving emergency communications response plans
  • Increasing employee engagement through root cause analysis, actionable solution development and strategic communications.”
  • Adapting benefits and compensation to unique situations, including complex open enrollment communications with furloughed and laid off employees
  • Rolling out compensation policy and practice changes
  • Marketing new benefits, wellness programs and resiliency programs

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In addition, we can support your daily HR communications needs.

  • Encouraging 403(b) plan participation
  • Communicating freezes or the elimination of defined benefits plans
  • Communicating changes in compensation, including freezes or the elimination of bonuses, promotions or changes
  • Introducing and building awareness and support for new protocols, policies and processes
  • Creating and relaying action plans
  • Highlighting your EAP and self-care practices for team members

Our communications professionals will work closely with your team to determine the most effective solutions to engage your colleagues and internal stakeholders. We give your organizational vision a voice, help to influence behaviors and build strong relationships.

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If you need a trusted partner to develop comprehensive, thoughtful and cohesive messaging, turn to Tipton. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Turn to Tipton Health Communications as a trusted partner in developing comprehensive, thoughtful and cohesive messaging.

Developed a new benefits website to help the company compete in ultra-competitive Silicon Valley

7,000+ employees

7 countries supported

5% annual increase
in active enrollment

Branded and introduced new tiered benefit system for accountable care organization

800 Physicians

5,600 Employees

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Created and managed communication strategy and implementation for defined benefit plan termination

2,100 employees

0 issues

Be heard! Partner with Tipton Communications

  • Employee alignment with strategic initiatives
  • Staffing reorganizations
  • New leader transitions
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and changes in corporate control
  • 401(k) /403(b) plan introduction/enrollment/auto-escalation/auto-enrollment
  • Wellness branding/marketing/participation rates
  • Defined benefit plan changes
  • Retiree communications
  • Compensation: HRIS issues and plan revisions
  • Employee satisfaction survey response
  • HR policy introductions, revisions
  • Recruiting
  • CDHP plan introduction/enrollment
  • Great Place to Work®/employee morale

When you turn to Tipton for support with a project, you are in the hands of experts committed to delivering high-quality, thoughtful and strategic results.

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