Tipton Health—the premier nursing excellence consultancy—challenged European nursing leaders attending the Magnet4Europe initiative’s concluding event last week to continue the work of the ground-breaking program and take control over the future of nursing in Europe.

“You have created a movement, an evolution of nursing through your work in Magnet4Europe,” said Mary DelGuidice, MSN, BS, RN, Tipton Health’s vice president and chief nursing office in an address to the initiative members.

“There is nothing that should stop you now. It is time to continue to define our profession through your leadership, through your courage, through the (Magnet4Europe) research, through  your knowledge and through the relationships you have built,” DelGuidice said. “I urge you to follow the secret of success that Florence Nightingale followed: She never gave nor took any excuse. There is personal accountability there, but there is also this higher level of pursuing relentlessly an environment of nursing excellence beyond the barriers, leading through the barriers.”

To support the efforts of the nursing teams from the 63 European hospitals from six countries, Tipton Health is providing additional resources to the participants.

  • 3 team members from each participating hospital (up to 200 total participants) will be provided complimentary registrations to Tipton Health’s “Foundations of Nursing & Cultural Transformation” learning program. The two-day interactive and highly engaging course will provide attendees with the knowledge and inspiration to strengthen evidence-based structures critical to nursing excellence.
  • Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, and Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital, Norway, won a raffle during the event to receive a complimentary Tipton Health Nursing Excellence Consulting Engagement.

“We have proudly supported the work of Magnet4Europe and congratulate the organizing consortium, the European hospitals and their U.S. hospital nursing team counterparts for the advances they have made,” said Dan Tipton, president and CEO of Tipton Health. “We don’t want the work to stop here and are committed to transforming nursing in Europe, the U.S. and for all nurses in all settings.”

We extend our deepest admiration and appreciation for the  Magnet4Europe Co-directors: Linda H. Aiken, PhD, RN, FAAN, FRCN, University of Pennsylvania and Professor Walter Sermeus, KU Leuven, Belgium.

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