Josie Adkins, RN, Cardiac Intermediate Unit at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center

Josie was caring for a patient who was having trouble coping with the no-visitor policy. The patient’s room had a view of the parking garage roof, so Josie worked with the patient’s son and developed a plan to surprise the patient with “visitors” he could see outside his window.

On a Sunday afternoon at the agreed-upon time, Josie had the patient look out his window. He was surprised by family and friends who brought signs with special messages and greetings.

Administrative nurse manager Bethany Kravitz, BSN, RN, Grant, talked with the patient after. He was moved to tears telling the story about how surprised and grateful he was for the team’s thoughtfulness.


Josie Adkins’ Perspective

I had the pleasure of caring for a patient during the start of COVID. With the visitor restrictions in place, my patient was feeling a little down because he was such a people person and extremely close with friends and church family.

As his son was leaving for the day, he mentioned bringing family and friends to the parking garage so the patient could at least see the support system he had. I told the son let’s keep it a surprise and to call the unit when they were ready. I informed my clinical lead Katie about the plan. When the whole crew arrived, Katie called to tell me everything was ready. I made a little makeshift sign so the family and friends could see/communicate with the patient. It couldn’t have been a more perfect moment. A helicopter was circling waiting to land. I asked the patient if they wanted to see the helicopter because it’s not something you get to see every day and usually everyone is fascinated by a helicopter. The patient did not even notice the top of the parking garage because he was too focused on the helicopter. When everyone was in place, I pointed and said something along the lines of, “Do you know those people?” I put the makeshift sign in the patient’s window so the family could quickly identify the patient’s room.

With the patient’s permission, Katie was able to take pictures and capture the memories. The patient was forever thankful and so touched.


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