Richard Carrese, BSN, RN, BC, originally from Cardiac Cath Lab – Long Island Jewish Medical Center


Rich was one of the first nurses deployed from the Cath Lab to the ED. His prior experience included ED and so this was an easy transition.

Rich was eager to go, to be “part of the solution.” Initially, he was deployed to the main ED and was roving in order to help work up patients in all pods. He was struck by how incredibly sick these patients were and was particularly struck by a “walk-in” who collapsed on arrival. Patients required more emotional support, as there were very few family members allowed to visit.

Rich was later sent to work in the new “tent” in the lobby. Again, he was taken aback by how sick patients were on presentation. He worked in the tent with a variety of nurses, including some from Cohen Children’s Medical Center and some from the Cardiology department. Following the tent closure, he was again redeployed as a functional nurse to a variety of critical care units on a day-by-day basis. He was able to assist with medications, IVs, personal care and communication with families.

When asked about the impact of this pandemic, Rich simply said, “I came every day to do the best that I could. The rest was out of my hands.”


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