Kari Szczechowski, IMC, Magnet Program Coordinator – Beaumont Trenton


Stephanie Lemoine, BSN, RN, made a recommendation to have windows placed in IMC doors for the ICU patients that they were receiving so that the team could have a visualization of these patients for their safety. Stephanie submitted this for quality review on March 31 as she saw it as a patient safety concern. After administration obtained quotes for the windows and coordinated with facilities and the vendor, the windows were installed on May 1 into six patient IMC patient room doors. On that day, the IMC staff worked to move patients to different areas of the unit to remove them from the construction occurring to these patient rooms.

They constantly communicated with the patients to inform them of this process and inform them why it was being done, while also contacting family members to let them know why their family members were being temporarily relocated to a different room. Through Stephanie’s recommendation, the IMC is now well-equipped to handle ICU overflow if another surge should occur, allowing them to provide safe patient care to these patients in an isolation setting.


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