John Deshotel, RN, Case Manager – Our Lady of the Lake


At Our Lady of the Lake, we see the person beyond the patient. An example of the special bond our team creates with each patient we are privileged to serve happened on Tuesday, September 1.

Patient “Jim Doe” was transferred from another hospital to our care on August 8 following a work-related injury, which caused him to undergo multiple complex surgeries on both hands. Throughout his recovery, he interacted with case manager, John Deshotel, RN. During a physical and occupational therapy appointment, John noticed that Jim’s health was beginning to improve. He thought to himself, “How can I provide Jim with a change of scenery?” John requested an order for Jim to receive care beyond the rehab floor, which was granted by his doctor. He brought him to the third-floor balcony of the hospital and saw Jim light up with joy as he experienced breathing in the fresh air. During their time spent together, John learned that Jim’s wife had given birth while he was hospitalized. Since Jim had only met his baby through FaceTime, due to the prior COVID-19 visitor restrictions, John had an idea to make one of their upcoming outings extra special.

John took Jim to the hospital’s beautiful Assisi garden for what Jim thought was just another day outside. As John wheeled Jim into the garden, a familiar face began to appear in the distance. It only took Jim a moment to realize it was his wife walking towards him holding their newborn son, who he was about to meet for the very first time. Jim was overwhelmed with emotion. This heartwarming reunion was made possible by John, who saw the person beyond the patient and understood that there is no better medicine than family. Thank you, John, for being the Spirit of Healing.


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