Where would we be without the miraculous efforts of our nurses, who have given so much to protect us all? Read and view the personal firsthand accounts of these nursing heroes. 

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January 2021 Magnet Newsletter

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Thank you for reading the January 2021 edition of the Magnet® Newsletter from Tipton Health Communications. This edition features tips for successful project management, how to keep your resiliency tank full, and other tips and insight from the experts at Tipton Health Communications.

Nursing Is a Team Sport

With the patient volume surging in critical care, division leaders were forced to come up with a plan to provide safe and quality care.

Part of the Solution

Richard Carrese, from Long Island Jewish Medical Center, did everything in his power to create solutions at his hospital.

Redeployment to the ED

Lorraine Lewis, from Long Island Jewish Medical Center, shares stories from her deployment in the emergency department.

All Hands on Deck

Elizabeth Iocco at Long Island Jewish Medical center captures her most memorable experiences during COVID.

Everyone Pitches In

A nurse at Jefferson health describes how teamwork, collaboration and pitching in helped make processes smoother in COVID.

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